Cafe Westminster


The doggy cafe is an opportunity for dog owners and their pouches to meet, build friendship and have fun around their love and passion for dogs. Rest assured though, no matter what your favourite pet or animal is, you can probably locate the local cafe. Interviews revealed that working in the coffee shop often allowed professionals to concentrate on a specific project without the distractions which would be seen at home or workplace. One local cafe is a place where some employees can put away the past, and prepare for their futures.

The coffee shop features three spaces for guests, including the principal coffee house, a greenhouse and a kids play centre. Have you seen some of the plush toys and squeekers offered in shop for your dog? Our cafe is open from 830am to 4pm everyday apart from tuesday. Our pet friendly cafe has a large assortment of unique things on menu for both humans and dogs. We have cafe quality food at the lowest prices available. it's safe to say that all the water used in our pet cafe was purified.

Drop into our coffee shop for a wonderful cup of our early bird coffee on a nice crisp morning for a cup that will get you going. Heaps of plants and greenery inside to make you feel comfortable. The coffee store can cater for private parties and meetings, in addition to providing refreshments and food for those who visit. The puppy cafe is additionally offering three themed drinks, including a peach soda with lychee jelly strips, topped with cotton candy. The local cafe is a communal space, an intimate social enclave for people who generally already know each other.

The coffee shop is situated alongside a new housing development that's being built for homeless and low-income tenants. 1 local cafe is a place where a few workers can put away the past, and prepare for their futures.

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